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We discover Wrocław and integrate!

In the media, we often hear that today's youth have high expectations and disproportionately high needs. It is also mentioned that their focus revolves around money or material possessions. Therefore, one might expect that when asking students about their needs regarding a school trip, suggestions like Dubai, Ibiza, or perhaps one of the European capitals would come up. However, when we asked the students from the second year of PHS about their travel needs, they unanimously declared, "It doesn't matter where we go, as long as we have plenty of time to be together!"

This statement also allowed us, as adults, to pause and reflect that integration is not a one-time occurrence. The group formed and built during the first-year class trip requires new stimuli - reintegration! That was the main purpose of our trip - to update our knowledge about ourselves and each other; to give ourselves space for conversations, laughter, and shared experiences.

The capital of Lower Silesia

We chose Wrocław as the setting for our activities. Exploring the picturesque capital of Lower Silesia, taking long walks (including those late at night), visiting the zoo and Hydropolis, but above all, being together, was what we all needed.

Conversations ranged from light and trivial topics to fundamental ones. Shared meals, hours-long games of charades, Cards Against Humanity, or other social games, and most importantly, sleepless nights, because that's when we finally let go of our masks and find it easier to discuss topics such as youthful love, career aspirations, emotional struggles of adolescence, or even age-old communication dilemmas with parents.

We returned closer than ever, filled with conversations and shared emotions, with a certainty that we want to continue walking together, experiencing together, and building together.



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