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Farewell to the first year of high school graduates in the history of Gaudium et Studium

It all began with dreams - dreams of breaking free from limitations, dreams of a place where absorbing existing knowledge would transform into learning, and unpredictability into planned development. And once again, it turned out that not only must we dream, but we must also listen to our dreams, trust in their power.

Four years have passed since then, and we proudly look at our graduates - those who primarily trusted themselves and consistently, despite the necessary effort to achieve their goal, walked the path towards adulthood.

The end of the 2022/23 school year marks the farewell of the first cohort of graduates in the history of Gaudium et Studium. Since May 1st, as members of the school community, the International Baccalaureate (IB) candidates have faced the challenges of the international diploma, and now, standing on the stage, they receive their school completion certificates. With joy, we presented the "Maximus" Certificate - a title earned by a student who achieved only the highest grades on their certificate, including behavior assessment. The moment of awarding the statues to triple and quadruple graduates, who pursued their education from kindergarten through primary school, middle school, and finally the diploma at Gaudium et Studium, was also extraordinary. Equally remarkable was the presentation of the Private High School Gaudium et Studium anthem, in a new arrangement and with new lyrics, continuing the traditions of the Primary School.

There was also a surprise from the younger students in the form of a funny yet reflective film made specifically for this occasion, as well as expressions of gratitude from and for the graduates. Many smiles, many beautiful words, often very personal, just like the gifts - not random, dedicated to specific teachers, often mentors, friends...

We are parting ways, but certainly not forever.

You are setting off now to pursue your personal dreams. Share your uniqueness with the world, be open to what each day brings. We believe that the values on which Gaudium et Studium is built will also make the world more beautiful and better through your contributions. And come back to us, to share over a cup of tea what happens, troubles, and brings you happiness. You are from here, and we will always be waiting for you and welcoming each of your stories with joy.