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Private High School Poznań
Gaudium et Studium

Gaudium et Studium is a partnership between the School and the student. We will make sure that the student receives support, feels respected and safe

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Our activities lead to students being autonomous and united around the core values of diligence, humility, honesty, justice and tolerance.

We nurture creativity and critical thinking.

We strive to ensure that each of our students is sensitive to the needs of others and ready to help.
We expect the student to be an active organizer of their own education, to take responsibility for themselves and become co-creators of the learning process by sharing their passions and learning from each other.

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Candidate's guide
The mission of Gaudium et Studium School

It was established to implement modern educational methods and set new standards for teaching and upbringing. Our goal is for the student - the subject of school activities - to be perceived as an organism functioning within an ecosystem, where appropriate conditions for development must be provided in all areas of activity - social, family, and peer relationships. We aim to equip students with knowledge, skills, and competencies that are internalized enough to enable our graduates to independently build a healthy and optimal living environment for themselves and others. We encourage students to actively construct their own understanding of reality rather than solely relying on authorized sources such as teachers or textbooks. Our aim is for students to have a significant degree of control over their own learning, ultimately leading to independence and responsibility in adult life.

The philosophy 

Gaudium et Studium is a school where students, through the discovery of their own abilities, joyfully acquire knowledge and, above all, skills that prepare them for adult life. It is a school that particularly cares about the personal development of the student, promoting both physical and mental well-being through sports and teaching healthy behaviors. The entire teaching staff works to create such a friendly atmosphere that the school becomes a place where students come with pleasure. It gives them a sense of prestige associated with the level of knowledge and skills they acquire. Gaudium et Studium stimulates the development of students through multisensory stimuli. It teaches self-acceptance and acceptance of others, respect for diversity, and understanding of the world, while recognizing the value in differences. As a private high school, we ensure optimal development for our students, preparing them to compete for places at the best universities in the country and around the world. We also prepare them for independent, adult life based on internalized values and responsibility.

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Gaudium et Studium

A modern and unique school for creative young people

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